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Building Condition Survey

A Building Condition Survey is a detailed assessment of a property's current state conducted by our RICS Regulated Multi Chartered Surveyor. It involves a thorough inspection of your property's interior and exterior, identifying any defects or deterioration and providing a detailed report and expert recommendations for necessary repairs and maintenance, including cost estimations and a schedule of remedial works. 

Building Condition Survey

Thank you for considering Stephen Hawes & Co. for a Schedule of Condition Survey. Once the survey is completed and the list of defects is documented, we can offer a additional service to assist you further.

Recommended Service:

We would recommend conducting a Building Condition Survey to prepare a comprehensive Schedule of Remedial Works and the associated costings, this survey will provide a detailed analysis of the necessary repairs, ensuring that both the landlord and tenant are fully informed of the property's remedial works.

Scope of Building Condition Survey:

  • Detailed Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the property's condition, focusing on areas identified in the initial Schedule of Condition Survey.

  • Remedial Work Recommendations: Identification and specification of required remedial works to address the defects noted.

  • Cost Estimation: Detailed costings for each remedial work item, providing a clear budget for the necessary repairs.

  • Prioritisation of Works: Prioritising the remedial works based on urgency and impact on the property.

  • Preparation of Schedule of Works: A comprehensive schedule outlining the scope, sequence, and timeline for the remedial works.

Upon completion of the property inspection, we provide a detailed report outlining all identified defects and their severity. Our report includes expert recommendations for remedial works, complete with cost estimations and a prioritised schedule to guide you through the necessary repairs. This service is an invaluable investment for landlords, tenants, and property managers and aims to maintain the property's value and ensure its safety and habitability.

If a landlord and tenant cannot reach an agreement based on a Building Condition Survey, we also offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, such as adjudication, to help resolve any disputes fairly, impartially and efficiently. Visit our websites and for more information about our ADR services.


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