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Boundary Disputes and Surveyor Reports

At Stephen Hawes & Co., we specialise in providing expert services for boundary disputes and informative surveyor reports. Our team, led by Stephen Hawes, a well-known multi-chartered surveyor with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, offers comprehensive reports with evidence and investigation results to help guide and resolve by following procedure to potentially avoid common law remedies and litigation with your neighbour.

Our Service Includes

Initial Steps: We recommend starting with an informal discussion with your neighbour to try to resolve the issue amicably. Many disputes can be settled through simple conversation and mutual agreement on boundary lines. Often, these conversations can settle disputes without further intervention by a surveyor.

Boundary Surveyor Involvement: If direct discussions between neighbours do not resolve the issue, our Boundary Surveyor can step in. Our surveyors take an equitable and unbiased approach to determine the position of the boundary.

This involves:

Site Visit and Inspection:

  • Conducting a detailed site visit to gather all relevant information.

  • Inspecting physical features, historical documents, and any existing boundary markers.

Research and Analysis:

  • Reviewing property deeds, land registry entries, and historical maps.

  • Analyzing the gathered data to form a precise and legally sound opinion on the boundary position.

Report Preparation:

  • Compiling a comprehensive report that outlines our findings and provides a clear boundary determination.

  • The report includes detailed evidence and commentary supporting our conclusion.

Presenting the Findings: Once the report is complete, you can present it to your neighbour to resolve the dispute. If the neighbour accepts the findings, both parties can sign an agreement to formalise the boundary position.

Dispute Resolution: If the neighbour disputes the findings, they may commission their own surveyor's report. This isn't necessarily a setback, as having two professional opinions can help narrow down the disagreement. Both reports can then be reviewed, and further negotiations can take place to reach an agreed boundary position.

Final Agreement: The goal is to achieve a final, mutually agreed boundary position that both parties acknowledge and accept.. This agreement can then be legally documented to prevent future disputes.

At Stephen Hawes & Co., we are committed to providing expert guidance and accurate surveyor reports, ensuring a fair and efficient resolution to boundary disputes. Our expertise and methodical approach help you navigate the process with confidence and clarity.


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